Kálmán Bakóczy

He starts to learn the piano at the age of five with Tessza Szántó and Gyula Tháler.
First he studies classical music, later also Jazz. He shows musicality from the early age in piano as well as in singing. He participates in competitions, various piano recitals and wins numerous prizes. His rendering is suggestive and at the same time his interpretation is expressive.Already at the age of eighteen he becomes a teacher for the younger generation. He has patience and his pupils willingly attend to his lessons. He becomes one of the most colourful characters of the national music life. He possesses a remarkable talent for music.

He works continuosly and excessively. He teaches early in the mornings at his home later in the School of Popular Music. He also gives lessons at the Academy of Jazz and in the evenings he accompanies popular stars of singers on many occasions. It follows series of Tv and Radio events, live-concerts and recordings.His international career starts in 1982. He is invited to Toronto, in Canada for a year, then Arosa, in Switzerland. Here, in this amiable winter resort entertains guests for three winter-seasons. During spring and autumn he plays in Zürich: Maxim, Fantasio Piano Bar and in Grand Hotel Dolder.

He also achieves a reputation in Zermatt, in the Mecca of wintersports, in Switzerland.
First he plays in the Hotel National, then in the Grand Hotel Schönegg, both owned by Metry-Julen. Here, in this unique surroundings entertains people, who like music. Twenty-five years in Zermatt, yet his performances are always different.

His reputation is wide-spread, he has regular customer not only in Zermatt in winter, but also in Hungary in the summer, in Balatonalmádi, in the Hotel Ramada Resort Balaton.He is at the same time a deedicated sportsman. He is devoted to the nature and the naturalness. His favourites are first canoeing, then triathlon and pentathlon.

Later he has passion for windsurfing and sailing. He achieves outstanding results in windsurfing not only as a competitor but also as a trainer and the head of its Department. During many years his pupils win countless gold medals,in different categories.

His sailing career starts in 1993. In the last 18 years he takes part in the National Championship in 4O feet cruise category and wins once third place, two second place and 15 gold medals. In addition he and his boat ROSA wins other races, too.In winter he is skiing in the Alps, in the summer he is an enthusiastic sailor and a caring person for the younger generation. Children from the "Village of Children of SOS" Hungary are taken by him from time to time sailing. His mission is to take themas often to races as possible.He is the only pianist who climbed the Matterhorn in Zermatt and other mountains in 2003.

He is member of differents Sports Boards: the Head of the Tecon Sailing Association, the Secretary of the Department of the 40 feet cruisers and the Department of the 420 Junior, the member of the Olympic Board of Hungarian Sailing Association.

He is proud of his children - Szilvia, Zoltán and Róbert - who inherited the love of sport, music and the art to help to others.
He believes, that

"the love is an art, like the music and the sport".

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Kalman Bakoczy

Address: 3920-Zermatt
Grand Hotel Schönegg
  +4179 595 3724
+36 20 9649789



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